15 Things That Should Be On Every Mum-Daughter Bucket List

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15 August 2019

Every relationship is different, but there’s nothing quite so special as the bond between a mother and her daughter. From dancing at a concert, to learning a new craft together, to dressing up for a big day out, there are plenty of things that you can do together to make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether she’s five or twenty-five, here are 15 different things to do that should be on your mother-daughter bucket list.

1. Go to a concert together

They say that ‘music connects people’ and it’s true! Let your hair down with your daughter at a concert, and you’ll be busting moves and singing at the top of your lungs together in a heartbeat.

2. Volunteer

Why not give back to your community and volunteer together? Offer to help out at a local animal charity if you’re both animal lovers or spend some of time volunteering at a community foodbank.

3. Learn a craft

Learning something new can be twice as fun when you’re with another person. Flower arrangements and wreath making are very popular right now, or maybe try a pottery or painting class.

4. Go shopping

Shopping with your daughter is always fun, but it’s even better with a bargain!

5. Read a book together

Try to choose a book that you’re both interested in and read at the same time. It’ll be like your own little book club, where you can chat about what you think of it over coffee and cake.

6. Photo shoot

Strike a pose! Have a little fun with a makeshift photoshoot, or go all out and hire a professional. Not only will you have a great time, you’ll have photographs that will last forever!

7. Afternoon tea

Add a touch of elegance to your day and treat yourself to an extravagant afternoon tea. You’re both sure to love it, especially if there’s a cheeky glass of bubbly to go with it!

8. Look at old photographs

There’s nothing quite like reminiscing over old family photos, whether they’re of your daughter’s great grandparents or herself when she was a toddler. Just be prepared for things like ‘I can’t believe you had a perm!’ and so on.

9. Enjoy a spa day

Enjoy a relaxing spa day with your daughter and treat yourselves to a treatment or two. Facials anyone?

10. Get active together

It’s hard squeezing in work, family time, and exercise into your life so why not combine two and do something active with your daughter? You could go out for a long walk, start a new Zumba class together, or even train together for a 5k run and raise money for charity!

11. Mother-daughter holiday

You both probably deserve some time off, so why not go that extra mile and plan a girly trip abroad? You can plan a whole holiday around what you both like, making some incredible memories with just the two of you.

12. Classic movie marathon

Rainy day? Grab the duvet, microwave the popcorn, and get ready for some movie magic! A perfect way to spend some quality time together without breaking the bank.

13. Get tipsy at brunch

As a mum, you already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Add a lie in and a mimosa, and you have brunch!

14. See a play or musical

It’s always a good idea to catch a show! Whether it’s a local theatre group or a trip to the Westend, it’s guaranteed to be a great evening and perfect for a mother-daughter date!

15. Go to Ladies Day at the races

The most exciting racing event of the year, Ladies Day is the perfect excuse for you and your daughter to dress to the nines and enjoy a whole day out with each other!

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