10 Things We Love About A Girls Night Out


08 August 2019

Be honest ladies, who doesn’t love a girls night out? Whether you’re out often or just occasionally, it’s a date in the calendar that can never come fast enough! Not only are nights out with the girls so much fun, they’re actually good for your health (like we needed another excuse!). Check out these 10 things we love about a girls night out below.

1. Staying close with your besties

You know what it’s like. Work is crazy and there’s so much to do at home, life is just hectic and it’s the same for all your friends! A proper girls night out is a chance to meet up and catch up on each other’s lives, making sure that you all stay as close as ever.

2. Shopping

Yes, we have lots of dresses in our wardrobe and yes, we have (too) many pairs of shoes, but we just NEED a new outfit. We’d never say no to a shopping trip, and the lead up to a girls night out is almost as good as the night itself!

3. Getting all dressed up

It’s not often you get to dress up for an occasion, so a girls night is a chance to go all out! Hair curled, lashes on, and you’re ready to go out and make an impression with the girls.

4. Stress Relief

We all know that a night out with the ladies will improve our mood, but it also reduces stress by increasing your levels of oxytocin, making you feel much happier. Thanks to this, friendships can decrease the risk of death for women; that’s right, a girls night out is healthy!

5. Girl talk

There are some things you need to talk about that only girls understand. Girl talk is the best, whether it’s just catching up, talking about boy troubles, or telling stories that make your stomach hurt from laughing way too much.

6. There’s no such thing as calories

Forget about calorie-counting or watching what you eat, there’s no such thing as calories on a girls night out! Dive in to dinner, give into wine, and maybe even enjoy a greasy burger at the end of the night totally guilt-free!

7. The confidence boost

A girls night out means that you’ll spend the night surrounded by fun, supportive, and uplifting girlfriends who are bound to make you feel good about yourself… and those compliments on your makeup and your outfit will make you feel great too!

8. Insta-fabulous!
Is it really a girls night out if you don’t have the photos to back it up? Think selfies, more selfies, and at least one group photo captioned #squadgoals

9. ALWAYS having at least one dance partner
A girls night out isn’t complete without dancing. When the DJ plays your favourite song, you just know that your girls will be out on the dancefloor with you and singing along just as loud.

10. Being able to be 100% YOU

The absolute best thing about a night out with your girls is that you can be 100% you; they love you and will never judge you, so you can really let your hair down and just have FUN.

You heard it here first: grab your BFFs and have a proper girls night out, because it’s great for your health and at the end of the day, GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! Heck, why not make it a girls DAY out at our Heatforce Ladies Day with special guests Bjorn Again? Think about the fashion, the racing, and the ABBA throwbacks: you know you’ll love it! Get your tickets here.

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